Track Record In Business Restructures, Operational Mergers,
Business Change Management and IT Led Business Change


"Kunjan is passionate about business transformations. A consummate professional, he is skilled in bringing together people, energising them and distilling the best ideas into working solutions fast. His initiative and drive were essential to the implementation of a streamlined value chain which is a cornerstone of our convergence strategy." 
   Andreas Waber, VP Orange -
   France Telecom

"... successfully led and motivated diverse teams into re-engineering sales, marketing and supply chain processes, also putting into place supporting organisational structures, tools and measures....he commands respect and trust from those that work with him. ... he is not afraid to challenge the status quo or at driving through subsequent changes."
   Tony Fleming, VP Nestlé

"Kunjan did an outstanding job....He is a strong leader, communicator and very thorough."
   Richard Pietro, Director
   Silicon Graphics

"Kunjan is a pragmatic leader and communicator who welcomes new challenges.  He motivated his teams to design and implement long lasting changes in the turnaround."
   Aldo Siegrist, VP & Market Head, Nestlé

About Heridian

Since 1994, Heridian* has impacted business results through change management leadership and expertise.

Working with leaders and employees Heridian has successfully guided the implementation of a number of transformations resulting in successful, motivated and focused organizations in many countries.

Heridian helps leaders address their greatest challenges in transforming their business thus ensuring continued growth and success.

Heridian's Mission

Heridian's mission is to restructure organizations into sustaining, profitable and vibrant entities where operations, processes, teams, governance and tools are optimised and support a commonly understood business model in the most cost effective and uncomplicated ways.

Heridian's Founder

Kunjan Chauhan, Heridian's founder, has over 25 years of operations and transformation management experience having worked with well-known companies such as British Telecom, France Telecom, Orange Switzerland, Nestlé and Silicon Graphics. He also co-founded two internet startups, Wilogs-Agilitix (supply chain, sold 2001) and Digital Trust (internet security, liquidated 2008).

He has worked in the USA, UK, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Kunjan's credentials include an MBA from one of the world's highly regarded schools, IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland and a BSc(Honours) in Computer Systems from Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.

"... his projects were planned with the full involvement of users and other stakeholders ... Kunjan has the initiative, drive and ability to analyse problems clearly and succinctly. He applies the best solutions successfully and is resilient when under pressure."
   Pravin Patel, Senior Manager, BT

* Originally known as Own Initiative