Track Record In Business Restructures, Operational Mergers,
Business Change Management and IT Led Business Change


Approach: How Is Heridian Different?

  • Heridian systematically engages client employees at all levels and external stakeholders.
  • Heridian addresses strategic, operational and cultural aspects.
  • Heridian uses a facts based approach, tailored to each situation.
  • Heridian changes the business from within ensuring long lasting acceptance.
  • Heridian works heavily with internal employees through all phases.
  • Heridian's background is in business operations - results are pragmatic and realistic.

Heridian's transformation methodology incorporates over 15 years of successful business change in various industries, cultures and business contexts. It is constantly updated and modified to suit the needs of a particular client and situation.

It is the ability to engage employees in a structured change process and deliver business improvements in a cost efficient way that has made Heridian successful.

The complete and detailed approach ensures the success of our clients' business change.

The results speak for themselves - take a look at some of the results and call for an initial discussion.