Coaching And Mentoring - Focus On Leadership And Change Execution


A successful change agent must have certain qualities and attributes in order to be successful. These are :
  • Excellent leadership skills – meaning confidence and an ability to motivate people, convince people, to set and maintain a clear direction, to communicate decisively and clearly a vision of where one wants to be, to engender (and be a role model for) trust and respect, willingness/ability to think out of the box and of course to deliver
  • An ability to ask the right questions
  • An ability to engender faith in the objectives
  • An ability to work and communicate at all levels in an organization
  • An ability to understand and manage the “human” or “emotional” aspects of change in a positive, constructive manner
  • An understanding of all key functions such as finance, marketing, manufacturing, IT… - knowing when to involve these functions and at what levels
  • Confidence with a good dose of humility - because no one person will have all the answers...!
  • Willingness to roll up one’s sleeves and get into details
  • Project management, team management, team leader and team member skills
  • Knowledge and experience in using tools for analysis, design and implementation. There are many tools and in some cases tools need to be created for specific needs.

The very best coaching and training is done in real life situations, by immersing and guiding managers in real business issues. This is because participants can apply their learning immediately and directly to work that they are interested in. Also by having a mentor working alongside, the training is 100% needs based and completely relevant. No theory, only what’s required.

Another advantage of having a dedicated coach or mentor is that it focuses the effort of senior execs to mentor key employees on business specific issues.

Services offered

Heridian will spend as much time as is necessary to ensure that a manager improves in all areas other then specific functional skills e.g. finance skills.

A range of tools and techniques are shared and used so that the apprentice can take on more challenging and responsible roles.