Establishing A Change Function


For large corporations constantly undergoing some form of change due to restructuring, divestments or mergers, it may make sense to establish a change function.

However many companies experience trouble setting up a change function. Often managers are used to thinking functionally and have skills to suite a specific market, business or functional need.

Whereas in change management, a different set of skills such as a broader vision, an ability to bring together and have credibility with different stakeholders is essential.

The advantages are easy to understand.

  • An in-house change function is immediately part of the corporate family and culture.
  • Typically a stint in such a team is extremely useful for boosting the skill set of fast track managers.
  • The change function also serves to ensure that as far as it makes sense, a common set of processes is adopted and used within the company.
  • Finally, the change function serves to consolidate key corporate knowledge.
  • Practically, when a merger takes place, the corporation can react extremely fast in integrating the company.

A successful change function

In addition to their functional skills, a typical change agent must have certain qualities and attributes in order to be successful. These are discussed in the section on “Coaching and Mentoring”.

However, just selecting the right people to head up and form the change function is insufficient. The change function must establish its identity and credibility within the organization and define a set of tools and processes to be used for various initiatives. Due to its nature, a typical change function will also become a repository of common knowledge, best practices, processes and so on.

The successful change function will also double as an internal consultancy.

Services offered

Heridian helps clients set up Change Functions the right way the first time. Heridian works with clients on all aspects from defining the structure, selecting candidates, defining and creating an initial tool set and coaching through to facilitating the first change.

Most importantly, Heridian engenders a pragmatic, change oriented mind set and attitude within the team.