Operational Mergers and Acquisition Integration


Most operational mergers fail or succeed only after a prolonged and painful process. Each subsequent attempt at merger is more difficult and exasperating for all involved.

For mergers to be effective a certain minimum amount of energy must be generated so that there is sufficient momentum for the effort to be carried through its most difficult phases – implementation and especially the embedding phases.

Services offered

Heridian takes over complete responsibility for actively and visibly leading and merging two or more companies….


Heridian guides the merger process, peer level to the management team.

In the latter approach, Heridian takes a very active and visible facilitator role, in the process, all key communications and control are still vested with the existing management.


Either role is beneficial.
  • Heridian is independent and beyond pre-conceived notions of any perceived solutions for moving forward.
  • New business opportunities may be identified;
  • Key business processes and functions are modified as necessary in order to meet the objectives of the transformation.
  • Essential tools and governance is put in place.
  • Costs are streamlined and duplicity eliminated.
  • During the process, key internal employees are coached and mentored in key leadership and business management skills.
  • As far as possible, internal employees are used to drive the merger, however where necessary external consultants are brought in or the required skills hired in.
Working with employees, Heridian excels in generating the energy that motivates an entire organization to merge and operate as originally envisioned. In all cases so far, mergers have been completed and embedded much faster than expected.