Why Should You Choose Heridian?

Heridian believes in working from within organisations.  We believe in your employees and the organisation’s inherent know-how and experience.  These are the typical differences between working with Heridian and a large well known consulting outfit.


  • We help you build your strategy from within. Because of this, the strategy is unique in that it fits in tightly with your organisations culture and capabilities.
  • Big consulting companies bring in a strategy for you to adopt and use. This does not always take into account your best capabilities.


  • A typical Heridian transformation has only one person from outside. Heridian works with employees throughout data collection, analysis, ideation, strategy selection, short term and long term implementation.  As a consequence, the transformation is owned by employees and implemented much faster.
  • Big consulting companies, bill by the hour and person.  It is in their interest to bring in as many of their people as possible.  Partners are incentivised on how many client hours they bill as well as generating new projects.


  • Heridian builds employee data collection, analysis, strategy formulation, implementation and continuous improvement abilities from the very first day.  In addition employees improve team work, communication and leadership skills.
  • Large consulting companies don’t engage employees in the same way.  Their implementations have to be supported with heavy processes, extensive documentation and governance. 

Heridian helps clients build lightweight, agile and energised organisations with a clear, shared vision and roadmap…!