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IT Led Business Change - ERP Best Practice Implementation


The majority of IT driven transformations struggle with implementing “best practice processes” and in effect getting buyin from their users. IT staff are under pressue to understand the business, implement best practices and gain the trust of it’s users. To leadership, standard best practices are an appealing possibility for reducing complexity and cost. To users, standard best practices imply giving up customised interfaces between systems and sub-processes that handle exceptions – in short more work.

Heridian’s unique approach ensures that the best suitable processes are implemented with full support from users

Services Offered

  • Heridian will work with users to clarify and optimise objectives, processes and governance ahead of any IT implementation
  • Heridian ensures that businesses own their business processes and support the implementation in terms of input, testing, training and adoption


  • Heridian is independent and beyond pre-conceived notions of any perceived solutions for moving forward.
  • With Heridian’s unique approach, the changes are adopted and driven by the users providing success for all stakeholders involved. Implement processes and organisational changes that actually work and deliver the promised returns.
  • Essential tools and governance is put in place together with the ERP implementation.
  • Costs are contained significantly as this part of the phase is done without external consultants from the ERP vendor.
  • The risk of project extensions is reduced significantly.