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Business Transformation - Pan European Supply Chain Processes And Function Re-engineered


A supplier to a pan-European multinational was responsible for the supply of essential finished and partially finished products. However supply was not always reliable.


A pan-European team was assembled and set up in one location.

All aspects of supply chain operations in subsidiaries across Europe were analyzed to identify broken or inefficient processes and structures.

Processes were mapped, measured, streamlined, implemented and embedded. Duplicate activity was eliminated, information quality was improved by implementing improved or new IT systems.

Supply chain teams were re-organized to work best with modified processes.


  • Terms and conditions between suppliers and customers were improved by establishing common objectives and agreed priorities as well as improving reliability of supply chain operations and associated communications.
  • Medium term costs were reduced by more efficient processes and supporting IT systems.
  • Real-time transparency and visibility of key information was established allowing effective action to be taken whenever problems surfaced.
  • Accuracy of forecasts was improved and this in turn impacted positively on manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.
  • Misunderstandings between stakeholders were sharply reduced due to the use of common processes, terminology and tools.