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Business Transformation - Telco Value Chain Optimized


A multi-national telco operator faces multiple pressures:

  • It has over a few hundred products and services on the current and future roadmap
  • At the same time it is undergoing convergence related changes with other players
  • Due to historical reasons, products and services are developed in multiple countries with varying degrees of success and through the use of differing standards and processes


A pan-European virtual team was created. The team consisted entirely of employees at line levels. The complete product development value chain from idea generation to selection, design, building, rollout and billing of product/service was analyzed and mapped in detail.

A new common process, associated set of terminology, measures, organisational changes and tools were designed and implemented.


The roadmap was reduced from over 400 items to 100 items with 60% of effort directed at 12 strategic value products/services.

New teams were established to support higher up front work at the selection part of the process resulting in better control, resource utilization and elimination of undesired product ideas.

Key benefits included:

  • Improved funneling of ideas during the initial stage of the value chain process resulting in better control, resource utilization and elimination of undesired product ideas
  • Sharply reduced time to market, resulting from (1) more control, (2) improved visibility and (3) sharp focus on business essentials
  • Transparent decision making (based on business case)
  • Timely decision making (improved responsiveness and communications)
  • Elimination of parallel and duplicate product development (cost savings)
  • Improved funnel filtering of ideas up front (cost reduction and elimination of unlikely product ideas earlier in the process)
  • Standardized processes ensuring clear understanding of roles and responsibilities between all stakeholders (HQ and branch, marketing, engineers, developers and so on)

New structures and processes will allow convergence strategy to be facilitated with relative ease.