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Information Technology (IT) Management and Operations


Information Technology (IT) is the glue that can hold or break a company’s internal operations. The rapid development of IT (smart pads, smart phones, ERP, Cloud, social nets) and the pervasiveness of IT functionality inside and outside an organisation requires that the IT function runs well. On top of these new developments, you still have to manage network, security, training, desktops and helpdesk.

It’s the least understood function and yet requires significant, active involvement of it’s users when it comes to design and implementation and is quite a cost center.

Heridian has significant experience in many areas of IT operations and management – see examples below. In particular, Heridian excels in bridging the business and IT worlds so that business needs are met successfully.

Services Offered

  • Audit of internal IT operations and strategy with recommendations.
  • Full business transformation lifecycle management and support – from organisational change and process re-engineering to development and implementation of supporting IT solutions and ERP and online platforms.
  • Restructuring and optimisation of IT operations and management.


  • Heridian is independent and beyond pre-conceived notions of any perceived solutions for moving forward.
  • Essential tools and governance is put in place together with transparency.
  • An environment that fosters respectful collaboration between IT and it’s users is established.